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This website is maintained by CDKSC. The site is updated regularly but we also rely on the users to provide useful information for us to use on the site.

Technical Specifications of the Website

This site is ideally viewed using Internet Explorer V.3.01 or Above. The latest version can be downloaded from Microsoft Downloads Centre. The site can be viewed with most browsers, Netscape, etc.. If you are having any trouble viewing this site please contact us at cf_wizard@hotmail.com.

This site has been designed according to the XHTML 1.0. The XHTML family is the next step in the evolution of the Internet. By utilizing XHTML rather than HTML this site can be a part of the XML world with all of the attendant benefits, while still remaining backward compatible. For more information on this visit http://www.w3.org.


Support for PDF Users

Sometimes a PDF will open but only a blank page is visible. This may be because the view is zoomed into a blank section of the document. Use the dropdown view menu (bottom left hand corner of the screen) to select a suitable view - 100% or 'Fit Width' are usually best.

If you are still having problems, and are using Microsoft Explorer 4 or 5 for the PC, try clicking on the link to the PDF file you want to see with your right mouse button. This will bring up a small menu - if you select Save Target As from this you will be able to save the file and open it outside the browser. If you are using Netscape 4 the option will be Save Link As - this has the same function.

When you click on the link to a PDF, it will open in your browser window. A toolbar will appear below the address bar, featuring a number of tools to help you view and search the document. Running your mouse over the icons, without clicking, will tell you what each of them does. Especially useful is the Find Tool (a pair of binoculars) - click on the Find icon to search the document for a word or phrase. Click the next icon to the right to search for further occurences of the word or phrase.

You can download the Adobe® Reader® free software for viewing and printing Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files from the link below.

Useful information about services to make Acrobat documents more accessible is provided on Adobe's website.


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