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A Guide for Swimmers and Parents
One of our goals is the inclusion of swimmers with a disability. We welcome you to join a club, compete in meets, and participate in educational activities such as camps and clinics. As people with a disability know, inclusion is not always easy. You may be the only swimmer with a disability on your club. You may encounter coaches and officials who know relatively little about disability and inclusion. There might be times when you and your parents need to advocate for your rights.
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Swimming Galas for Swimmers With a Disability
Some Disabled swimmers enjoy and benefit from the stimulus of competition, and so they should be encouraged to take part in Galas. However, swimmers should not be bullied or coerced into taking part if they do not want to, since as well as simply not wishing to take part, they may also have other medical reason for not being able to take part.
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Including Swimmers With a Disability
This brochure was written to help LSCs respond to the challenge of including swimmers with a disability. Although each LSC has the flexibility to tailor policies, procedures, and programs to meet the unique needs of its own athletes, coaches, and volunteers, there are some areas of commonality which each LSC should strive to address when formulating inclusion policies and programs.
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Access for Disabled People
This guidance note addresses the requirement to provide people with disabilities with full access to all sports facilities. While it cannot provide exhaustive advice, the guidance is intended to indicate what is reasonable provision in a modern sports facility. The checklists in the pocket at the end of the document are for use in conjunction with the access audits and audit methodology information in the section on Adapting and Improving Existing Buildings.
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