Where We Are Books on Disability and Swimming

The following list of books are all related to disabled people and or swimming, the link takes you to the selected book as listed on Amazon.co.uk. If you have any suggestions for this page please email us.


Swimming for the Disabled
Publication date: October 22, 1981
Publisher: EP
ISBN: 0715807668
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Swimming for Children With Physical and Sensory Impairments: Methods and Techniques for Therapy Recreation
Publication date: 1976
Publisher: Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd
ASIN: 0398034427
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Adapted Aquatics: Swimming for Persons With Physical or Mental Impairments
Publication date: August, 1977
Publisher: Northeast Georgia Red Cross
ASIN: 0385126115
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A Swimming program for the handicapped
Publication date: 1973
Publisher: Hill & Wang Pub
ASIN: 080960471X
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Teaching the Physically Handicapped to Swim
Publication date: June, 1968
Publisher: Transatlantic Arts
ASIN: 057108236X
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Sports centres and swimming pools: A study of their design with particular reference to the needs of the physically disabled
Publication date: 1971
Publisher: Disabled Living Foundation
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